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Nik Yanchar

He graduated from the University of Toledo in 2004 in Paralegal Studies. From there he worked in various firms until he made the decision to go to law school in 2008 to pursue a career as an attorney.
In 2011 he graduated from the Western Michigan Thomas Cooley Law School with honors, and then continued his education and received an LL.M. in Gay Rights Law.  During his time at law school, he was a two-time winner of a school-wide litigation competition, while also participating in Moot Court and ADR competitions and groups.
He became licensed in the State of Oregon in 2012, and always focused in the areas of employment discrimination, personal injury, and have done other areas such as family law, document/contract review, small business advice, landlord-tenant evictions/lease reviewing, and very light criminal work.
But more importantly, his focus has always been to help with the LGBTQ+ community.  As being part of the community himself, he finds it more important than ever that everyone fights for the equality of all Oregonians, and Americans, in pursuing the equal treatment in all areas of the law, privileges and protections that the law should afford us, and to hold those that seek to destroy equality accountable for their actions.
In his free time he enjoys going to the gym, playing sports, cooking and baking, and a huge Marvel/DC fan.
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